In spring 2013 a friend and I decided to go trekking in the mountainous country Bhutan located in the Himalayan range squeezed between India and China. The main attraction is the amazing nature and very low volume of tourists due to tight regulation. On Royal decree Bhutan was turned into a democracy in 2008, and discussing politics and economics with the locals was quite interesting for this young westerner to whom democracy seems a fact of life.

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In January 2013 I moved out of my apartment, said good bye to colleagues, friends and family and boarded a jumbo jet headed for Dhaka, the sprouting capital of Bangladesh. I have been with Trustpilot since the humble beginnings five years ago, always seeking out new challenges. So naturally when talk started to emerge about offshoring last year I quickly offered to lead the troops.

This is a collection of images taken in Dhaka, the office and around the country



My friend from university is taking his Computer Science masters degree in Tokyo, so in autumn 2012 I decided to go visit him. We spent 14 days traveling south - first quickly to Kyoto by Shinkansen train and then all the way to Hiroshima on bikes. One thing that became clear immediately: Japanese people are orderly people - Trains arrive on time, and people actually stand in line while the coaches are emptied. The same level of efficiency is evident all over their traffic infrastructure, and in the densely populated capital in particular.



A few friends and I started the first student organization at our faculty, and on the second year we decided to organize a trip for 30 students to the epicenter of innovation in the it industry - Silicon Valley. It so happened that around the same time I was looking for opportunities to study abroad, and ended up deciding to go to San Diego. As a result I spend the better part of 2011 in California. While in the US I also visited New York, st Louis and a bunch of other interesting places.